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Downloadable Version Of CodeCombat


:thinking: I Just Thought Of A Idea That The CodeCombat Team Should Try. Can You Guys (And Girls) Try To Make A Downloadable Version Of CodeCombat Because It Might Be Cool :sunglasses: (I Will Try My Best To Think Of A More Better Reason To Make A Downloadable Version :thinking: .)


Just Realized That If You Make A Downlaodable Version Some Coders Can Hack The Amount Of Gems They Have. :angry:

This Cheat Engine Can Hack The Amount Of Gems You Have.

(But Can You Guys Still Make A Downloadable Version.)


Some people are already working on that. It is called the codecombat App.


But The App Is Going To Be On A Phone :iphone: Not On A Computer :computer: .


The app is in the ipad… I’m not so sure about the phone


Code combat said that it would be on both