Dueling grounds bug? Victories are scored as losses

All my victories in ogre team are scored as losses. Watching replays I even can not see a single loss, and that is not usual.
I have bought a new item, equipped it and started to ‘win’, but previous losses exist and there is something wrong with my handling of this problem.

Have you played on both sides? It does that to me if I play and I win against someone else on the other side. Sometimes it scores it as a win. I think it is just how that works. If not, @maka, can you help us out?

sorry if this was a bug from long time back, but this could occur because either the opponent changed his/her code which helped you win, or because the two sides got different seeds which changed the outcome.

Different seeds? the set up for dueling grounds stays the same. It doesn’t change.

see what happens when you go against yourself.