“Desert Duel” Bugs and Feedback

The new arena “Desert Duel” is in action, so please report any bugs that you find or if you have some feedback here. If you want to ask advice how to code something, then please use other topic. Offtopic will be deleted.


I have noticed that when I am defeated my health doesn’t go down.

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Health means nothing here, however we can use it as one more score indicator :thinking:

Interesting arena! :eyes: For some reason, player.type, player.x, player.y are protected property.

I have noticed that the hero.opponent does not work. I receive an error saying that it is a protected property.

Added ‘type’. X and Y should be available, just rechecked it.

On the red side? Works as for me and rechecked its in the api list.

It’s probable that it was either fixed or I was using it wrong.

I somehow defaulted to javascript
how do i change programming language on the arena?
also, hero.summon is broken i think
on js atleast
and the game visuals doesnt update

When I try to view a simulation to enter my code, it says that it is unable to load even after I commented out my code multiple times. Anyone else experiencing this bug?

hero.summon is also broken for me.

Once you click the big play button, at the top of the window that opens, you have the option to pick the language you want

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ahh i see, thank you

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Try to clear cache. Maybe it’s a problem with asynced components.

ah yeah, on https://direct.codecombat.com it works

Nobody can spawn anything and it is glitched.

Why is it that every time I go to load up a match it says this:

Your code has an infinite loop, just press ‘comment out my code’

I did kept pulling it up