Dueling grounds : only attack level?


I’m trying to improve a little bit my code on this level.
The current is not so bad, I reach top ten in the ladder. But it’s only a code to attack directly the enemy.

I would like to use the stuff around, at least when the enemy is stronger than me :smile:
I expect that with a clever code, we should try to win against ennemy with more health but simpler tactique.

But I’m a little bit disappointed by this level. So I have few remarks:

  • It’s not possible to get information about the stuff around, because they are not returned as items (or I miss something). So It’s difficult to imagine clever tactics.
  • The fire do not burn :frowning:
  • the wolves trap does 60 damage only. When your opponents have more than 2000 life points, it take some time to really hurt him using this.
  • the fire traps are maybe stronger, but it’s difficult (impossible ?) to turn around without firing them. Or If I find a nice spot, I get a lot of damage because the other player makes one of them firing, and I’m pushed on the other ones and it hurts :frowning:

Maybe that explains why I saw so few (none ?) interresting strategies around. At least for warriors, the bigger the armor, the more chance you have to win. Magicians can do some nice tricks, but I have no equipment for this kind of hero.

Hmm, maybe it would be interesting to scale up the number of traps according to how tough both the players are so that their damage stayed relevant at higher strengths. I guess also there isn’t enough room behind the fire traps to hide there without getting blown up yourself. Let me see what we can do.

Note that almost all the strategies were written before we made the level more interesting by adding the traps and positions, so I wouldn’t expect players to have necessarily discovered the good stuff yet or become that competitive.

The level is supposed to be pretty simple and mostly gear-based (so that beginners can jump in), with all the other multiplayer arenas becoming more and more about how good your code is. That said, if we can add more interesting high-end strategies to the level without complicating beginner play, we will. So let me know about any other ideas you have.

I have attempted a bit of a more complex strategy as a ranger where I lay bear traps using the new belt. They don’t do a lot of damage, but they are able to hold a warrior at bay for a little while. For a warrior I don’t see that as viable though because I assume they can do more dps by just fighting. Does the trap keep a person from attacking, or only from moving? If it still allows you to attack, maybe it should cut damage in half while in the trap.

The traps (premade, at least) don’t seem to stop anyone from attacking. (with warrior) I tried running around the preset traps, the ai-player would run into the trap but instantly & happily attacked while standing in it.

Ok to keep the level accessible to beginner.
Adding more space behind the fire trap is a good point I think. Maybe you could put more space between them. Now, near each time all 3 are firing at the same time.
I would prefere to have the tricks more in the middle, but it’s maybe too difficult for simpler codes.
Any idea to have the trap position ? If it’s too complex to add them as item, or to add a new method for some googles, maybe you can just give a read only array of traps just for this level.
With such kind of array, it’s possible to add more traps with the player level. the problem is that traps hurt both players, and it will become more difficult for the player with less life points.
It could be interesting to add traps blue or red for player blue or red. Like this, you can add traps only for the stronger fighter. This way players should take care of their traps, and push the ennemy in the others. But again the code could become too complex for what you want.

Maybe it’s simpler to just increase the power of traps against stronger players. The more points you have, the more you should avoid traps…

And yes, it could be good if players in traps can’t attack for some time. But again, it could be interesting to now the state of traps (open, closed with someone on it)