Dune: The Topic

Feel free to nerd it up with my topic on Dune. It is my favorite book series (Sorry to all of the Lord of the Rings fans). This topic is for anything Dune I hope there are others out there that also have a liking of Dune.

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I’ve never read dune or watched the movies :skull:

:sob: You are missing out. At least try the movies.

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You probably will get board of the books. :yawning_face:

I’ll probably watch it at some point

Wait are you a part of the everything pm?

No. I couldn’t find it. I would like to be.

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How do I get to it? I would like to say my goodbyes to A.lee.

You have to be added which I just did

I liked the movies and the main book sequence. Just like Tolkien, Frank Herbert has managed to create a whole universe of his own, with its own languages and cultures. Albeit with a significantly darker motif.


But unlike Tolkien, Frank Herbert has managed to create a story based on ecology, religion, and politics. Also I like the movies as well. Mainly the sequel.

In the vast, unforgiving expanse of the universe, there exists a desolate planet known as Arrakis, or Dune. A world of sand and spice, where the winds howl with the voices of a thousand lost souls, and colossal sandworms roam the dunes, guardians of the planet’s precious resource - the spice Melange.

The spice, a substance of unimaginable value, is the heart of a ruthless struggle for power. It is said, ‘He who controls the spice controls the universe.’ And so, the great houses of the cosmos vie for dominance over Dune, their ambitions as boundless as the desert itself.

Amidst this deadly game of thrones, a young noble, Paul Atreides, finds his destiny intertwined with Dune. He must navigate a labyrinth of politics, betrayal, and prophecy. But Paul is not an ordinary player in this cosmic drama. He is a product of destiny and genetic manipulation, a being of extraordinary abilities. He is the Kwisatz Haderach, the one who can be in many places at once.

As the sands of Dune shift and swirl, so do the tides of fate. Heroes will rise, empires will fall, and the universe will be forever marked by the saga of Dune. For as Paul himself learns, ‘The mystery of life isn’t a problem to solve, but a reality to experience.

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True, he simply had different goals.

It is still mind boggling all that those men came up with. They were each so creative.


What is your favorite book and favorite movie. Also what is your favorite part of the movie?

I’ve watched the movies, but haven’t read the books. Apparently the books get weird later on in the series, so the movies will only continue for a short bit.

Yeah, Heretics and Chapterhouse are really weird… God Emperor isn’t that bad though; I’d still recommend reading it. It also concludes the Dune series pretty well.
God Emperor is book 4
Heretics is book 5
Chapterhouse is book 6

Me having no idea what you’re saying

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I haven’t finished God Emperor but am going to finish the series. I am not sure what happens but I know there are some serious twists.

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They are planning to make a movie for the second book and then a tv show about the Bene Gesserit before the happenings that take place in the first movie. That is probably the reason that they are not making all six (or more for pt 1s and 2s).