Has anyone read the Green Ember?

I love the series and all the side-books too.

No, I haven’t, what’s it about? :0


Don’t we have a topic for books? If so please post this there.

I don’t know about the book subject, I’m new

It’s about sword wielding rabbits. It’s amazing! I highly recommend it.

huh my brother would love that

@enPointe77 Favorite books! - #116 by avery_witte Here is the topic for books @Chaboi_3000 or @Deadpool198 please close.

why’s this in level help?

its not, its off topic for me @_Codemaster

it changed. It was in level help. either that, or there was a bug, because a minute ago I saw it in level help.

@Eric_Tang put it to #level-help but @Lydia_Song put it to #off-topic @_Codemaster.

How do I merge this into the book subject?

Someone with Trust Level 4 or higher can so I will ask @Deadpool198 to merge please.

Ok, thanks (20 char)

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Or you can set the title to be #level-help then click the check mark then it will aut close 12 hours after the last reply.

Would it work if I changed the title to talk about the Green Ember

And then we won’t have to merge it

It is still a book so the simple answer is no. I can change the title for you if you want I just can’t merge topics.

Oh, I’m just a bit confused because there’s a Lord Of The Rings topic

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Yea but no one has posted on that topic for a while and so everyone I think forgot about it.