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Dungeon Kithguard Mastery


I was going back and doing Kithguard Mastery again and for some reason every time I do it it just has the same password and map I’ve done it at least 12 times and it hasn’t changed. Is this a bug, glitch, or is it just my unlucky/lucky randomizing so I don’t have to change anything when I get back on. I completed this level easily a long time ago.


I dont think this is a bug. Its the same way for me but I noticed that everyone seems to have a different map than me. I want to say this map is randomized but its random per person not per submission.


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I don’t quite understand your question. What I think you’re saying is you expected the Kithguard Mastery level to be randomized upon starting it up. I don’t think that’s the case. It requires all concepts taught in that dungeon such as loops, condensing methods together, and other basic concept(s) that are taught in loops as well. For example the gem portion.