Kithguard mastery

I am not sure how to enter kithguard mastery, it does not seem to exist

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If you aren’t a a subscriber you don’t have access to it and you won’t see it

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I am a subsciber but it does not hshow up anywere

Show us a screen shot please

hero is the link.

hold up, kithguard mastery… It’s not a subscriber level; I did it.

Well it used to be at least and he is 100% right it is a non-sub level

it’s supposed to be a school account lvl, as a sort of quiz on the kithgard concepts(I think).

Are you sure you are a subscriber because I aim and I can view it. Maybe you aren’t subcribed to the right subscription.

This has been solved, byt how do you disable traps in the level? I cant see any way to

Read the Instructions at the beginning

Yes @milton.jinich is correct. Also in the future @QinWentian remember to mark this topic as #level-help so that the solution can be given to whoever helped you


Before, it showed up around halfway through the Kithgard Dungeon as an option to “skip” to Backwoods Forest(Since some players have basic knowledge and can skip). That feature has been removed, but you can still skip to backwoods forest if you complete the level using direct-link.

why was it removed chaboi?

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It was a great level

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