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[solved] Kithgard Mastery traps deactivation


How do you deactivate traps in Kithgard Mastery level? I tried to say the password like you have to do to open the door, nothing happens. I tried to search for enemies and items but I find just the orc, so I really have no idea if it’s my fault or a bug in the level.


You can disable the traps saying the number of collected gems, while the password is for the doors.
(it is explained in the comments at the beginning of the code)

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Woah, I had not such comment, I had to reset code to see it. Comments in this level are also not translatable, I’ll tell devs about it. Thanks a lot!


say ( / 5 )

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There appears to be a wild piece of code that has invaded your post. Or perhaos you posted this intentionally. In any case, what is this code for?


I have the same issue and I can’t find any instructions on how to solve this. The trap code hasn’t been disabled.