Easiest way to get gems

How do I get more gems I have 2539

completion of replayable levels are pretty good if you want gems fast

I can’t beat backwoods brawl 7 @cheddarcheese

please dont summon me and also try thinking outside the box use your abilities and powers

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I can do that but do I need to open 9 tabs to simulate?

Ok I think that is the easiest way to get gems

The more tabs you open, the faster and the more gems you will get

@Rabbit are you a subscriber?

Yes @moonwatcher348 I am subscriber

Bruh, if you are a subscriber then just get gems by completing the subscriber only levels. They give way more gems than free levels, I’m not subscriber.

Then how would you know that?

Then use Hushbaum to beat backwoods brawl 7 (you can do it with a good strategy).

I simulate 1000 and got no gems @Aya

I have nalfar @moonwatcher348

Ok, then use Nalfar.

use nalfar for what brawl?

Backwoods Brawl 7.

Ok I will try Nalfar at backwoods

Just some proof that what I’m saying isn’t impossible:
Levels completed:

Equipment for most of them (including Backwoods Brawl 7):

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