Editing the Colors of Objects in the Level Editor and Other Things

I’m having a blast with the Level Editor. I recently decided to start a four-level series called the “Kelvintaph Prophecy” in which a hero goes on a huge quest to awaken the Kelvintaph Guardian (Kith) and fulfill a 2000-year-old prophecy. Shhh! Totally no spoilers!..ha ha…:smirk: Courtesy to @Chaboi_3000’s level, The Revenge of the Dragon Master (see Kith, an ice guy for more information) for the level inspiration! :clap::clap::clap:

A few questions as I am pretty much a total noob to the Level Editor: I want to recolor an object in the level. To be exact, it’s just a gem that I want to recolor red so it looks like the ruby that Kith wears. Does anyone know how it’s done?

I also plan on having the hero chant a spell to awaken the Guardian. How do you make a thang or doodad item (if it can) react to what a unit says? Also, does anyone know how to replace thangs? For instance, I really liked what they did in “Humantron” where the five units suddenly become a single Humantron, and I want to try recreating that in one of my levels. My idea is that once the hero collects the gem (see above) and says the spell (also see above), the Kith Statue (which is in fact a doodad item, but I plan on it being the cursed form of the Guardian) disappears in a burst of light (vertical laser beam?) and is replaced by the Guardian, once more alive, the curse broken. After that, the Guardian lets out a victorious bellow, which brings me to a new question: How do you make non-player units talk?

Finally, when the player opens the level and plays it, how do I input comments in the code to guide them through? I also want to add a “Hints” section.

I may have more questions soon, but thanks to anyone who can help! :blush: ~^.^~

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Changing the color of thangs is a bit tricky, but in the case of a gem, you can add the display.Colored component, and configure it like:

(You’ll have to play with the values a bit to find the right color.)

OR you could look in the thang list for the Heart Seed :wink:

Usually a level will have a thang called a Referee that contains code on the misc.Referee component that does all the custom fun stuff for the level. If you see a level that does something you like… load it up in the editor and try looking in the referee code.

For example, the level backwoods-buddy has the referee listen for the pet speaking.[quote=“Hellenar, post:1, topic:11748”]
Finally, when the player opens the level and plays it, how do I input comments in the code to guide them through? I also want to add a “Hints” section.

The sample code and comments for a level are on the Hero Placeholder thang in the programming.Programmable component under programmableMethods.plan.

Hints/Guides/Intro screens are in the Settings tab under Documentation.


By the way, the color code is called HSL(hue, saturation, lightness) so you could just google “HSL color picker” and pick the color. :grin: :grin: :grin:

Whoops, dead topic :man_facepalming:

hay I know this is a noob question but how do you rotate stuff :smiley:

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Hi, welcome to the codecombat discourse.
To rotate things you can either left click on the thang and press one of the “rotate” arrows to flip the way the thang is facing
Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 15.33.18
; or you can double click on the thang and change the rotation in physics.Physical.

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 15.33.04 You can only change it in radians but it shows the amount of degrees too.

why dose the level editor let not me place walls

I think the wall placement thing is a bit broken. I’ve never been able to place walls.
Maybe @Chaboi_3000 knows?

You have to hold and drag like you’re drawing.