Error loading from server (cavern survival pvp)

@herokolbert HeroKolbert

I didn’t see error messeges about loading from server for quite a long time. Years ago they differs alittle telling about infinity loop or too slow code. But this one is shorter) And in that case game usually ended with tie, as i remember.
I could suppose that such case may take place when player is deleted from DB, but this time looks like everytjimg is ok. Except level loading, of course)

I just checked their account(Which exists still) and it looks like they haven’t submitted anything to both sides, yet the matchmaking is trying to pair you against a player with nonexisting code.

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Thanks a lot)

Waaah. That’s sad scenario))
P.S. But 'loss" in this case is very unfair end of the fight)

oh sorry recently I reset my progress, and I have not unlocked cavern survival.