Error loading from server, Try refresh the page

When I was trying to play levels, it sometimes says Error loading from server, Try refresh the page

I don’t know why it was occurring. Can anyone help?

Is this a specific level or only one level?
I just tried it with one and no problem.



Try to refresh the page. Did it work after a few refreshes?


It sometimes say, not too often.

It works, but, very few times I need to close the window.

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Try ))

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It happenes to me sometimes.
But mostly on multyplayer levels. I guess it is connected with opponent: like he deleted his profile, so when I try load game with him using his ID, it doesn’t work because this ID isn’t in the database anymore. But maybe I’m wrong.

As for other levels - it may be any glitch, if it works or doesn’t work with the same level and can be fixwd by closing window and starting new one.

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