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Vital Powers fixes


When I went to play this level I noticed some things that need to be fixed

what I mean is

You need to require the this.move(); boots
and at least the mahogany glasses


Why does it need to require, anything better than “Wooden Glasses” (findNearestItem) and “Leather Boots” (moveXY same speed as move)???

  • I removed the speed ring and reran . . . still, Success!


because you use the this.move(pos); command and you use the find enemies command

while I know it is not necessary and the level can be done without these items it just is the fact that the sample code uses these commands(syntax what eves)


The sample code expects, but the level doesn’t need (some do.)

That is slightly different :smile:

Are there free levels at Require you to have move boots . . . Yes at least Crag Tag does (That would be a totally different problem with moveXY boots). Therefore, you cannot do Vital Powers via normal progression without them, so…

Personally, I don’t see any reason to put restrictions on a level unless there is real purpose in doing so.
(But I’m not the one who designed this level, so I don’t know if they did this on purpose or accident.)


I see your point I just wanted to mention if the people at over there (points at codecombat building) wanted to fix it


Got it–yeah, we do like to make it so that the sample code won’t have errors, so I have added the restrictions here, since everyone will definitely have those items anyway by this point.