Escort Duty how to get silver chest [Python]

Recently I started playing the multiplayer arena Escort Duty and you had to collect chests to get coins and summon friends to help you kill the hero AI. The chests in the middle are easily collected by the peasant’s logic but I can’t figure out how to make the peasant ignore the chest on top and go to the chest at the bottom left corner

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How did you find escort duty?
I can’t find it anywhere on the map.
I have found the actual level just using the search bar to automatically get me to the level, but I’m still confused about where it comes from. And at first sight I can’t see any problem with your code.
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It may be because this is my coding competition account which is why I can access it but who knows.

Also I wasn’t asking for troubleshooting, just wanted to ask how to make it so the code ignores the nearest silver chest that is guarded by archer towers and targets the “safe” silver chest since it regenerates. I have thought about changing priorities but I would like to know whether there is an alternate way such as obtaining 2nd silver chest position ONLY, picking it up and returning it to base

P.S. If possible, can you give an explanation of how the chooseChest function works, especially the Index += 1 part, it really confuses me :p.


There seem to be a lot of levels that are intended for student accounts only.

All that I can say is WOW!)

Wish me luck guys, NUS is unveiling their new custom arena today and I hv to code it’s algorithm

nope. A lot of them could be found by using private clans.

I’m not saying that others can’t find them. They just don’t appear on the map for subscribers and free players.

I don’t think that this is a student level. There were a few levels that I found that wasn’t on the map and ever since I went inside the level, the level is now inside the map (with the exception of escort duty).

What is NUS?

I’m getting really confused about all these arenas, I carry on finding new ones.
When will they end!
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read this:

while True:
    game.addArena("to bug @Deadpool198 forever and ever. ")
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Deadpool if you are in Singapore you would know what NUS is

That’s what danny keeps talking about, there are HS students in Singapore and stjjf…