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Experience and Leveling


Hiya everyone,

This is my first post, and I’d like to say that I’m really excited to have begun playing CodeCombat. :smiley: I’ve been interested in the idea of using games to teach programming skills for a while, playing with different games and things on a similar path. I think it’s awesome how CodeCombat is open to let players learn further by getting involved in the actual building.

I’m not an “official” teacher, but helping others learn to code and get into technology is something I love to do. I’ve been working on getting a CoderDojo going in my area, and I can definitely see CodeCombat becoming a part of that.

Anyway, onto my question: what role does experience and leveling play in the game?


Your level allows you to get certain items at certain times. For example, most equipment you can not unlock until you reach a certain level. If the polls are still going on, your level will get you more gems for answering the poll.


As explained above, experience and leveling are mostly (exclusively?) for unlocking certain items. There are no special skills, extra health, or additional damage related to your level.


Hiya @ChronistGilver and @ant,

Thank you. :smile: I had my guesses, but it’s good to have the question cleared up.