It's been a few months

Hi devs! (not gonna tag anyone)

It’s been a few months, and I’m honestly getting bored of Codecombat.I know nothing about, who currently is in beta for the past few months. We have NOTHING on the volcano world, and we barely have any more new levels. I’m getting the TINIEST bit bored here.

This has been my rant.

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I feel your pain. I keep going by helping others here in Discourse and by teaching kids using Code Combat. My daughter just did three more levels in the Desert last night. I’ve even convinced some other parents to cough up some money and buy a lifetime subscription so their kids can learn coding. Every Monday, my daughter and I visit another family (who are from Puerto Rico) and they teach her Spanish in exchange for me teaching their two children coding using Code Com. I’m also helping my daughter’s fifth grade teacher learn so she can bring Code Combat to their school. Things like this keep me interested and enjoying the game. Also, helping others debug their code helps me learn as well.

Things have been pretty quiet for a while but I cling to the hope that Volcano will eventually open.

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My part of codecombat is level making, whether I make a hard combat level or a puzzling level, making them are all challenging and fun! I’ve also got lifetime subscription last year, as well as yearly subscription a few years ago before lifetime subscription was added.

I agree. There hasn’t been anything new for the past few months.

More levels > New Heroes!

I like making levels, but it does get old sometimes. I want heroes, adventure, and more importantly, more levels so that I can expand my coding abilities.

Something big is coming. I don’t know what it is, but I know.


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@Chaboi_3000 I enjoy making levels too,

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