Experience Points bug?

Hello guys, My XP level isn’t showing any progress on level 36, even tho I’ve earned about 35K xp on Cloudrip Mountain.


How much xp do you need to advance to level 37?

  • Yashins

It shows the same thing for me, it’s just a ui glitch. You can still level up im pretty sure

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ive gotten this bug once but i dont remember how i fixed it.
I just spammed refresh and it worked or summ

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ok will try, thanks!

Hello, Guys again,

I tried reloading millions of times, but the error still didn’t disappear. I want this bug to be fixed.

Sorry for pinging

Also noticed this:

On ace of coders, Ivo wins though I have more health?

It’s because he has more “power” of units; ie arrow towers.
The experience bug shouldn’t affect your level, once you reach the required experience, even if it doesn’t show it you should level up.

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