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What is happening to levels!

i just got to level 36 and after i compelte almost all glacier levels so little happens to my Exp

Everytime you level up, more EXP is required to go the next level.
The stages will still give you the same amount of EXP, it just may seem like less due to the progress bar of your level.


is it possible to get to level 66?

No and please stay on topic.


Should I @ someone to close this?

@Deadpool198 “Solution” was basically posted 3 days ago, shouldn’t this topic be closed?

We just leave it like this…

Dead… :no_mouth:


Excuse me but, why exactly did you post that link.

I was thinking the same thing tbh

@s108012_12 please don’t post off-topic stuff. If you want to post this link for your clan, please post it on this clan topic

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Shouldn’t this be off topic? Oh wait I’m dum