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I was told there is a bug with poison mist and rain, where if there is one mist, and part of it is cleared out by rain, and then a different mist is cast on it, even the area of the first mist that was cleared by the rain turns into poison mist.

Interesting, I think that bug is in my backlog and I didn’t have time to fix it. Will fix it asap, thanks

its A to L not A to K

Fixed, thanks! 20charss

np its fine just noticed

Vennet theres another one

for looping in javascript over a array with positions: (ex:var array=[“A1”,“A2”]) gives a error of cant find undefined.
either im bad a coding or its just a bug

also are the AI_some chinese characters
actually ai’s?

No, they are not AI, 20 chars

Could you give at least a fragment of your code?

They are ai younth they are a group in china on the china servers

Your code has an error, I asked the fragment where is the error. Also give an error next time please.

I’m having a problem where I can’t seem to interface the “modifier” property of the farm objects. I’ve tried testing them with mist, rain, and boosts but it always seems to return null.


The Field Object Properties tab lists the modifier property as a property of farms but is not mentioned anywhere else. The only other mention of modifiers keyword is under the “boosts” section in hint 9 of the hints menu.

I wrote some Lua code to demonstrate the issue:"wheat", "C3")
hero.mist("wheat", 3) -- I tested this with all types (patch, garden, wheat).

local farm = hero.whatAt("C3")
print(hero.time, farm.modifier)

This code outputs:

3.1 undefined

It’s the same result with rain as well.

I’m not entirely sure if this is just an issue with Lua, but I’d love to know what the problem could be.

The field.modifier property was an API for a previously intended feature that didn’t make it into the final design, guess we forgot to remove the documentation for it, apologies for the confusion, thank you for the report!

The “poisonMistRecoverFactor” of rivers is listed as 30% in the hint menu however its actual in-game value is more likely set to 40%. I discovered this after noticing that calculating income for a farm would be incorrect when it was next to a river and had poison mist while considering the 30% factor. I’m not entirely sure which value is correct, so I thought to ask.


Also, I can’t seem to find any officially documented way to view what boost is active on a hero. Currently, the only way to see this is very hacky and an official API would be extremely helpful. For example:

local currentBoost = hero.getCurrentBoost() --> boost object {type: string, duration: number}
print(currentBoost.type, currentboost.duration) --> "fire|water|earth 8"

Hello, thanks for the report!
It was indeed 40%, sorry for the confusion, fixed that in the documentation.
Unfortunately I don’t think we can add additional APIs at this stage of the competition since the period for gameplay, API, and balance changes have ended.

Thanks for the clarification. In that case, would it be possible for the behavior of ‘hero.findBoosts()’ to be made easier to work with? Currently, the method returns every single boost on the board, regardless of whether it’s already been picked up or not. This leads to it potentially returning boost objects that don’t actually exist in a given location which makes it a lot harder to manage.

Also, I’m having issues accessing the code editor from Farmscape. Whenever I try to load a level I get this error:
Pressing any of the buttons at the bottom just re-prompts the error message.
This is what the developer console looks like:

I get this same error on the direct subdomain, the main website, and also in an incognito tab.

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Hello, I am unable to open any games from the farmscape arena. Clicking reset level or comment out my code doesn’t work. I’ve also tried switching accounts, clearing cache, switching browsers, resetting my computer and using a different computer.

Here is a screenshot:

Here is the console log:

|Tengri's Archer| Non-UserCodeError: TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getColumnByX')
TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getColumnByX')
    at e.update (eval at module.exports.World.loadClassFromCode (, <anonymous>:266:29)
    at e.exports.e.callChainedMethod (
    at e.p [as update] (
    at Existence.update (eval at module.exports.World.loadClassFromCode (, <anonymous>:112:15)
    at e.exports.e.getNextFrame (
    at module.exports.World.getFrame (
    at module.exports.World.loadFrames (
    at self.runWorld (
    at Infinitely looped. false true Object false