“Farmers Feud” Bugs and Feedback

The Arena “Farmers Feud” is now in action!
Please report any bugs that you find or feedback that you have on the arena.
If you want to ask for advice on strategies or how to code something, please use another topic instead, thank you.


According to the if statement I set up, the row property of the mists is not showing up as any real number. If it was showing up as a real number, the hero.say() code would not run and that error would not be showing up.

mists = hero.findMists()
seems to return no info or unclear info? Sometimes its with nothing and others it is [object Object].

findMists returns an array of objects, so of course, mists.type would be undefined/null.

In my if-statement, I specifically check to see if the square is undefined or null, yet the error says it is undefined.

I think there is something wrong with the .row property in general.

This should be fixed, thank you!

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I am still getting the error when there are objects in certain rows, perhaps some rows are bugged?

Sometimes the row of an opponent’s mist from hero.findMists() is NaN.

Thanks. Probably I know the reason. Me or Venneth will fix this issue soon.

Thanks, Bryukh. It seems to happen when it’s the top row, with the mist partially off the grid.

Btw, the row returned for each mist from hero.findMists() is also flipped (I need to do 10-row). Which also raises the question if it is consistent between blue/red.

A separate question: For figuring statement execution limit, is it based on the actual execution complexity / execution time, or is it based on the count of user statements, or something in between? Practically, the question would be, are repeated calls to hero.distance(place) cheap or expensive?

.row and .place property aren’t work (for javascript, python, etc.)

can you add a new mist type called counter which when combined with another mist makes it have no effect

Just mix any mist with another mist and you get even better – “poison” mist

i know but that’s harmful what if they are spraying garden mist on your wheat and you want to get rid of the there mist so you can go back to normal

whatAt should be fixed and gives correct results for both sides, also now it works with the construction – they have the type construction.

So, I am trying to troubleshoot the difference in results I am seeing depending on when I am Blue vs Red. There is quite a bit of discrepancy in the resulting points.

Looking through my output and watching the games, I think I am seeing a difference in the way the game is treating mists. Now there is every possibility that it’s my code, but it looks like the mist isn’t being applied on the rows consistently.

Can the robot be moved to a spot without building?

Right now it looks like it is not possible.
A hero.move(place) function would be great for enabling some more complex behaviors.

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Sorry, guys. I know this is outta topic from farmers-feud, but does codecombat Frozen Fortress count for the prizes as well?

This case should be fixed, thank you!

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