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yo venneth or Bryukh could u guys add to locate boosts?

should i mass ping them?

nah ill just ping venneth

@Venneth if u could do that that would be great

Hello, thanks for the suggestion! I’m pretty sure we have a method hero.findBoosts() that returns an array with boost objects, that each have a .place property to indicate the boost’s place coordinates (“A0”,“B1”,etc)

as for the“wheat”,0,A) unfortunately I think we cannot change that, since it is already in the format"wheat","A0") for quite some time, for the sake of consistency with Farmer’s Feud and to not break existing code.

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also venneth can you merge this with ritics, other topic since they are both about farmscape

this topic: Proposal. for farmscape - #2 by herokolbert

Didn’t get what we should merge. threads are not mergable.

You can try :slight_smile: I would recommend to do it many times also to get warning for sure :slight_smile:

btw sorry for the off topic but no admins saw this What the heck happend to farmers feud

The boosts I picked up are still in hero.findBoosts(). Do I have to remember them?

    while(hero.findBoosts().length === 0) hero.wait(0.1);
    console.log(hero.time.toFixed(1) + ": move(" + hero.getWorkerPlace() + ")");
    for(var boost of hero.findBoosts()){
        if( == hero.getWorkerPlace()){
            console.log("boost is still here: " +;

Farmscrape (the CodeQuest global final) is so good, but it was only 7 matches when I last submitted it 2 hours ago.