Going to vacation. I might not be able to go on the forum for the week (i could log on in the hotel)

i am just saying that i am going to vacation. I wont be able to go on the forum for the week. So just saying pls don’t take my regular badge for not being active. Ill be gone for just a week on Tuesday. Aloha!

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Enjoy! (I need a vacation, from 20 CHARS!!!)

Thanks @Not_a_User! (20)

Wait. Hawaii doesn’t have internet?

Im not going to hawaii :wink:

Im going to Washington (the state) and for your internet question the answer is that i will be too busy hiking or doing some other outdoresy activity to be able to log on the Forum

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That’s awesome. I love unplugging.

Me 2. I just love going out and looking at nature!

Okaaaay. Im going to Washington not Wisconson but ill keep that im my mind

Lol misread it. XD I’m laughing really hard right now.

LOL (20 gazillion laughs)

Where in Washington are you going? I always love to go to the mountains there. It’s quite hot there in the summer though, around like 90 F˚. But since, I’m a city person, I’ll always prefer to go to the space needle, whenever i go to Washington

Im not sure. I just know im going to washington. My mom said it is a suprise :see_no_evil::hear_no_evil:

Is this your first time going there?

Im at the airport right now

see you enderlord, remember to turn on airplane mode and store luggage in the overhead bin and put bags under the seat. Have a safe flight/vacation.

Thanks. I will do all of those stuff

enjoy the washington.

Thanks @Not_a_User (20 flights)

Never look out the window of a plane. EVER!