Feedback: Closed Crossroad

Shouldn’t a hammer be required, and perhaps flags banned?

My hero keeps building fences after one has been built, wasting time. This can be solved using the isPathClear function, but I don’t it’s likely that players that early will necessarily have access to it. Sometimes, a peasant comes at the same time as an ogre on a fire-trap location. (Also, it is hard to find a distance that keeps from building traps at the wrong place when an ogre is coming from a different direction, yet will still stop all coming ogres, even with the Ring of Speed. Could this be specified in the guide?) I finally beat the level with a rather complicated solution involving chain-lightning, the Ring of Speed, and isPathClear.

(I’ve submitted a patch to correct what is presumably an erroneous function in the guide.)

Through wall glasses?

Hammers should be required. About flags - it’s forest begin level.

I’m actually using the Enchanted Lenses. They have the function and unlimited range, but can’t see through walls.

Then it’s weird. Maybe you are too fast? “Speed ring” or a speedy hero?

I am using the Ring of Speed, but it didn’t work without it.

What do you mean “it didn’t work”? Could you give your session ID for the level? To get it - open dev console and find a string like this:
Generated random seed 2452538293 of type submissionCount from sessionIDs 5799xxx2d124a2401f0046dc2b submissionCount 3

Sorry for not getting back to you sooner; I’ve been a little distracted. Thank God for Saturdays.

I still can’t find the right distance so that my hero builds traps when he should, yet doesn’t when there’s an ogre coming from a different direction.

Is this it? |Prometheus's Pam| Generated random seed 1953528879 of type submissionCount from sessionIDs 5796912d9dacc21f00b37f82 submissionCount 6

Thanks. It’s weird. Because I get the success with the same equipment and the same code. I think it’s the random seed which affects the ogre (one from the top) behaviour.
I’ll fix it tomorrow.

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Could you try it again? I’ve changed a pattern and it should be ok now.

It worked! Thanks much!