Snowhold hacks(15 chars)

there is a new snowhold hack that people lower down the ladder are using to win matches!!! they dont gain a lot of ranking but they make people like me lose ranking anyway they use

var enemySpirit = hero.findNearest(hero.findEnemySpirits())

sorta like the dueling grounds bug the same happens here the enemy controls your spirit to kill itself

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Could you send a spectation link of this happening?

Who are you battling against?

anyway, back wdym by that

Who was the simulation against?

i swear i lost to someone using that, you can literally use the code above and kill enemySpirits

IDK @Venneth can you look into this?

bruh actually, also why are you constantly putting laughing emojis on my posts, do you think this is like fake or a joke?

wait please tell me…

hello @iggymaster99 ?

It is sorta funny… (20chars)

Oof, this should be fixed, thanks for the report!