Only able to access half of Backwoods Forest (Python)

Hello. I was wondering how to access more levels. It would seem I can only access half of the levels of Backwoods Forest. I am a subscriber. Also all the further worlds are locked.

I have been using Python. Are the further levels only available in another language or something?

Thank you for your time.

If I inspect the forest page I get the following, with the warning in bold:

Modern javascript detected, aw yeah!
three.min.js:524 THREE.WebGLRenderer 71 Poll will be ready in 1.402798888888889 hours.
250forest:1 [.Offscreen-For-WebGL-057306B8]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0
dexecure-c167a5675c.js:1 Service Worker termination by a timeout timer was canceled because DevTools is attached.

They’re available in all languages, so you just go in to forest and it points with an arrow to the level that you have to do, those levels are locked because you have to unlock them by completing the “arrow levels”.

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Thank you for taking the time to reply. But I can’t seem to see see the next arrow level. Here are the levels without the box in the way.

And here are the last ones i completed:

Attack Wisely
The Agrippa Defense
Boom! and Bust
Stillness in Motion

In case anyone knows which one I am supposed to do next.

Thanks again.

I don’t know what to say, and sorry I can’t help you find next level because I already completed those and don’t know which one is next but my guess is forest shadow should be next for you.

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Thank you for your help/ trying still. Two other things are strange.

  1. I searched google for the level you mentioned and it gave me a direct link to the level. Though I couldn’t click on it on the map. I was able to complete it through the direct link (though for some reason, some enemies turned into shadows rather than actual sprites). And when I finished it turned to show it being complete on my map. As shown by the blue star in the image below.

  2. I opened up Code combat in both MS Edge and Firefox (I usually use chrome), and the levels look even more different on those. There are no flames.

But yes, this is very perplexing. I even reset Chrome, where it deletes all temporary files, and turns off all extensions etc. And it persists.

It also persists even if I sign in on a different laptop, rather than my desktop.

You should play Village Rover.

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Thank you very much:slight_smile:

Though the level said locked:

When I googled the level name and copied the direct URL for the level from GitHub, I was able to access it. And upon completion, the other levels seem to have returned to normal. With it now showing flags again, as well as arrows.

I am not sure what to do with this thread now though. As we found a work around/ solution. However the bug itself still came up in the first place. So I am unsure if I should mark it as solved, or leave it as is/ report it in the bug section. In case there is something they can do to prevent the problem from possibly happening to others.

Once again thank you to everyone.

I can do all the levels if I do all the goals and I complete all the levels I can. Sometimes the levels will be locked just because you didn’t complete an extra goal that lets you unlock a level.