Levels in forest not unlocking after fourth level

My kid completed the first 4 levels in the Forest. Why are the next levels not unlocking so he can continue? My account works fine.

I’m in the same situation!
I’m a Chinese student, so I have to use VPN to play and I thought it cause by Network error.
If it’s a bug, I really hope administers can fix it up because I like the game greatly.THANKS

I can play the next level now!
Thank you very much for asking this question, my English is so bad that I can’t express my problem. So when I found this question, I feel very excite that I have probability to solute this problem. THANK YOU!

Sorry about the unlock issues; Scott did some work yesterday and they should be all working now. Let me know if you keep seeing problems.

@ha6288256 你的英文不错,不会有问题。中文也可以,我会懂一点儿。

Awesome, Thanks fpr fixing it.

It’s not “my English”,it’s “translator’s English”. I’m very regretting that I hadn’t studied English hard.
书到用时方恨少” T_T
Maybe it’s too late, but I hope I will study English well to learn more interested things.

I forgot the most important things: Thank you.:slight_smile:
谢谢你们为我们这些初学者搭建这个学习平台。 It’s too hard to understand?(smile)
from google translator:
Chinese difference in stimulating interest in learning too foreign, and China also needs to work harder ah.
Thank you to build this learning platform for us beginners.

Excuse me. But I think it may have a problem…

再去 Shield Rush,完成以后应该就好了。

多人游戏(Multiplayer Treasure Grove)那一关,完成之后怎样进入下一关?(Shield Rush用战士Tharin重新完成了一次,Bonemender还是显示上锁Locked)
还是说Multiplayer Treasure Grove除了打败电脑,还必须打败其他玩家?

请再试试看,我们把地图改好了,可能现在可以看得见哪儿有 unlock 的问题。

不需要完成 Multiplayer Treasure Grove,因为没有下一个关卡。

@nick, my account seems to have entered a similar state.

Unless I missuderstand the unlocking sequence.

Have you tried to resend the last few levels ? (top right corner). The unlocking of new levels is checked on the victory screen, and isn’t automatically unlocked for players who have beat a level before it was set to be the gateway to another level (not created at the time).

Just play the last few levels, and “send” your previously winning code. It might just do the trick.

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Okay, that makes sense. But what I don’t have a clear ordering of the level dependencies. Is there a master list somewhere?