Gained some of my coins

so i beat sarven seige 3 fairly easily and had 992 health left and it said that i was suppuse to get 866 gems

see picture below

i only have 404 when i looked into my inventory :smile:
i also did not buy anything after beating it

can someone please tell me what happened

have you tried refreshing your web browser or it might be lag or a delay there is many things but it also can be a bug.

This is WAD (Working As Designed).

It tells you the total gems you have recieved from the level, not how many you just received this time around.

Normally, I’d tell you to search before posting, but sometimes it might be hard to figure out exactly what to search for… Oh, that wasn’t so hard after all, so Please search before posting. :wink:

I searched on “gems” and one was on the first list.

clicking more gets:

Searching on “repeatable” or “sarven siege”


oh… ok makes since