Game dev 2 I'm stuck on Stick Shift

I’ve defeated all 3 scouts and the ogre but it won’t say success after and I can’t move on

// Spawn a few scouts, a boss, and a maze.
game.spawnXY("scout", 60, 58);
game.spawnXY("scout", 28, 29);
game.spawnXY("scout", 61, 24);
var ogref = game.spawnXY("ogre-f", 60, 12);

// Spawn and configure the hero.
var hero = game.spawnPlayerXY("captain", 12, 56);
hero.maxHealth = 550;
hero.maxSpeed = 10;
hero.attackDamage = 25;

// Spawn a munchkin generator.
var generator = game.spawnXY("generator", 41, 13);
generator.spawnDelay = 5;
generator.spawnType = "munchkin";

// Survive goal.
game.spawnXY("potion-medium", 28, 12);

// addManualGoal adds an incomplete goal with a description
// The description will be shown to players.
// NOTE that we save it in a variable called scoutGoal
var scoutGoal = game.addManualGoal("Defeat all scouts");

// Use addManualGoal to add a goal to defeat the boss
// Save it in a variable called bossGoal
game.addManualGoal("Defeat the boss");

// Enemy Behavior
function onSpawn(event) {
    var unit =;
    while(true) {
        var enemy = unit.findNearestEnemy();
        if(enemy) {
game.setActionFor("scout", "spawn", onSpawn);
game.setActionFor("ogre", "spawn", onSpawn);

// Count how many scouts are defeated.
var scoutsDefeated = 0;
var ogresDefeated = 0;

// Update our manual goals whenever an enemy is defeated.
// This is an example of an algorithm using if-statements.
function onDefeat(event) {
    var unit =;
    if (unit.type == "scout") {
        scoutsDefeated += 1;
        hero.say("Scout down!");
    if (scoutsDefeated >= 3) {
        // Use setGoalState to mark scoutGoal complete.
        game.setGoalState(scoutGoal, true);
        hero.say("All Scouts down!");
    if (unit.type == "ogre") {
        var bossGoal = game.addManualGoal("Defeat the boss");
        if(ogresDefeated >= 1)
        // Use game.setGoalState to mark bossGoal complete.
        // Don't forget about the second parameter.
        game.setGoalState(bossGoal, true);
        hero.say("Defeated the big boss!");

// Assign the onDefeat handler to the ogres" "defeat"
// NOTE that munchkins don't count toward success!
game.setActionFor("scout", "defeat", onDefeat);
game.setActionFor("ogre", "defeat", onDefeat);

Hi @Claudette_2325 and welcome to the forum :partying_face: This is a friendly place where you can ask help for levels, report bugs, or just chat with other coders. Hope you enjoy your time here.

Probably it isn’t working because you haven’t saved the manual goal to a variable:

Just change your hero to “sorceror” it’ll help with the range.

Does that count as cheating?

So funny, Lol.

Kinda off topic bro.

That’s my version of stick shift.

Lol again.

Cleave killed them all.

Dude its level help not post pictures of the level.