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Game development part-II levels are locked

my son finished the game development part-I and part-II is shown open but when we get inside, the levels are shown locked. Why is that, is there a bug?

Hi Ozzy and welcome to the forum (your son too :smiley: )!

Can you post a screenshot of what you are seeing inside of dev-2? Also, do you see both arrows on the Forest map (the light-blue would be game dev 2)?

Hi Dedreous, this is what I see:

Ok, how about the main forest map? A while back, there was a user who could not yet see the blue arrow…they simply needed to complete a few more Forest levels to ‘open’ the dev-2 campaign. (Sorry, I don’t recall how far you have to get to do this.)

Actually, this is confusing. Yes the forest is yet 46/124 but game dev part-II was completely locked before completing game dev part-I, this make sense of course. but When we completed game dev part-I, it looked open but inside is locked. I wouldn’t design it like that (p.s. I am not a game developer but a software engineer). I understand now that we have to finish also the Backwoods Forest to continue with game dev part-II.

Well, you don’t actually have to finish the entire Forest, just a few more levels…I don’t remember where it was, but I think it was somewhere in this area when the blue arrow appeared:


I know that’s a lot of spots, but at least it’s better than the whole map! :grin:

Just to give you a heads-up…there are a few more ‘hidden’ levels in Forest too :wink:

That last flag is a challenge level that I’ve not gotten back to.

You can find all main campaign levels (sorry, dev levels are not covered…Glacier is only about 70% complete) here: Levels List w/ Links

oh man, it’s kind of a neverending story. My son really enjoyed game dev. part so he wants to continue with part-II but I see that he needs to master the fundamentals first. I hope he doesn’t get bored. It’s a sometimes very difficult to make him keep his focus and he is just 9. Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

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You are most welcome. My 4 kids are grown and out of the nest and none of them took to computers much, let alone coding…you have my respectful envy there! If there is anything we can assist with to help keep your son engaged, please just ask.

I believe it unlocks somewhere in the Desert. If you are already done with it, I advise contacting the support team. (Email: