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Levels List w/ Links


I came across this document a while ago but it was severely outdated and missing many levels. I’ve updated it and uploaded it to google docs for anyone who wants it. It contains links so that all you have to do is find the level you’re looking for in the first column and click on it to open the level. Feel free to download it or just bookmark and use it. It contains just the CoCo levels, not Game Dev or Web Dev.

CodeCom Levels as of 2018_03_05.xlsx

If anyone finds a level/levels that is/are missing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so that I can update it.

Cavern Survival & Kithgard Brawl
How to get GEMS, Stuck in Sarven Desert

I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re missing 28 levels, I don’t know which levels are them, I just counted the number of levels on the main screen and it is 417, but you only have 389 levels on the list



Thanks for catching that. It was actually missing 59 levels. It’s current now.


does the game development count as a level?


The only levels in this list are in the Code Combat campaigns (Kithgard Dungeon, Backwoods Forrest, Sarven Desert, Cloudrip Mountain, and Kelvintaph Glacier).