Levels List w/ Links

I came across this document a while ago but it was severely outdated and missing many levels. I’ve updated it and uploaded it to google docs for anyone who wants it. It contains links so that all you have to do is find the level you’re looking for in the first column and click on it to open the level. Feel free to download it or just bookmark and use it. It contains just the CoCo levels, not Game Dev or Web Dev.

CoCo Levels List (updated by dedreous) as of 2020_03_28.xlsx

If anyone finds a level/levels that is/are missing, PLEASE LET ME KNOW so that I can update it.


I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re missing 28 levels, I don’t know which levels are them, I just counted the number of levels on the main screen and it is 417, but you only have 389 levels on the list

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Thanks for catching that. It was actually missing 59 levels. It’s current now.


does the game development count as a level?

The only levels in this list are in the Code Combat campaigns (Kithgard Dungeon, Backwoods Forrest, Sarven Desert, Cloudrip Mountain, and Kelvintaph Glacier).

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thank you for the list @MunkeyShynes.

is it possible to see the levels in an order that they come up? thanks

@MunkeyShynes, I’ve added to your list, quite a bit. I decided to complete all free levels first, so I numbered these in the order they were unlocked. I then did the same with the subscriber levels, except I’m only about 2/3 done with Glacier. Would this list be of value?

Yes, there were quite a few missing from your original. Some of them were a bit confusing as to when they were opened up, so the numbering scheme is kind of hokey. I don’t use Google files (whatever), so cannot share that way. How best to share the Excel spreadsheet, if you are interested?

@Question.Lamp, I have a numbered list if still interested,


That’s awesome! Thanks for updating it. I’ll PM my personal email addy to you. If you’ll send it to me I’ll upload it and make it available to everyone.

Thanks again!


Sweet…on it’s way, once I get it :wink:


I updated the link at the top of the page with you getting credit of course. Thanks again.

dedreous CoCo Levels List


it doesnt work for we :frowning:

What happens when you click on the link? I just tried it from another computer where I’m not signed in and it opened the levels list without any problem.

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New level found: https://codecombat.com/play/level/assembly-speed? (Thanks xython!)


Is https://codecombat.com/play/level/perilous-passage? in the list?


No, but it is now…


I don’t see codecombat.com/play/level/ogre-invaders? (subscribers only) level on the map
I suppose that other levels available for students of image are also unknown for majority of ordinary users

By default the computer science class levels aren’t publicly shown since they’re for the classroom users. You might stumble across some of them though :slight_smile:

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Yeah I think Code of the Hour of something like that is also hidden and for students only.

mumbles * hour of code *