Game is no longer free?

I created account and it no longer can play without paying, just wanted to learn a little more did not want to pay now so perhaps further ahead, maybe I stop playing for it. Bad marketing strategy :pensive:

Hello @rodrigosato (and whoever else feels this topic addresses them):

There is indeed a point at which you cannot continue to play for free. This point is reached after about 30 hours of Gameplay if you are really (really) good and are used to the system.

Funny enough, there is also a point where you cannot continue to play for pay. That is simply because there are no more levels.

After having established this, the actual free content becomes more and more each week. New levels are developed by the Owners of CodeCombat as well as the community and published for you to play. There are currently four worlds filled with free levels and after having completed them you learned more that just “a little”. Before calling something “Bad marketing strategy” you should notice that you got this all for 0€ (or $, ¥ or whatever you use to pay). I could understand if you call them silly because they basically give it to you for free, but that is your personal opinion. Their model works, as shown not only by this game but by many others as well. Free-to-play is an established business-model after all.

Your rant sounds more like you are stuck at a level and can’t buy the best equipment to solve it by brute force. But sometimes you have to work with sub-optimal tools. What you don’t have in lifepoints try to think of a way to take less damage. If you face too many enemies at once try to find a way to fight them after each and not all at the same time.
But most important: Think before you buy! You have a limited amount of Gems and you should not waste them. This is just like in the real world. Do you really need the new helmet, or would a new sword make more sense. Do you buy the medium helmet now, or the better helmet later?
Wasting resources is your personal problem.

If you are stuck on a level this forum is the right place to ask. But be aware that we usually do not hand out complete solutions. You can ask how to solve a problem and you will (very likely) receive an answer. But making a game bad without even trying is just bad style.


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No, certain countries are not free starting at level 6.
See Level 6 subscription bug?
There is no mention anywhere on the site about this yet though.

Hello @rodrigosato. Can you explain the situation a bit further? Your message was quite generic so I can only assume that you are facing one of these 3 scenarios:

  1. You’ve played all the 110+ free levels (which seems to be what @J_F_B_M has assumed);

  2. You’re clicking in a “blue circle” level (subscriber-only) when you should be looking for the “red circle” levels (free-to-play). There are several side-quest levels (not part of the main campaign) that are subscriber-only.

  3. You’re playing from Brazil or another region that is taking part in the new pricing model experiment. In this case, you may only play as many as six free levels. See this thread for details.

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Hi, I’m facing similar issues. I’m playing from Brazil but I’ve reached level 25 and I’d played more than 110 free levels without problem. However, some students of mine are stuck in level 17 'cause they have several unavailable “red circle” levels. Other students are playing without problem. I think it is a bug 'cause we are all playing from Brazil.

Moreover, the accounts with unavailable “red circle” levels played a different campaign. Look:

The users that played the campaign below don’t have any problem…

Whats going on?

I think it’s explained in the linked thread, but for new users in Brazil and China there are fewer free levels. Old users still have access to the 110 free ones.

I would recommend running the students through courses mode. It only costs $4 per student as a one time payment and grants access to around 110 levels. That is what we ended up doing.

I can only play 12 levels in the entire game. Anymore free levels?

[New Zealand]

Once you beat the level Kithgard Gates you can continue onto the forest by clicking the purple arrow on the Dungeon map or going to the world selector screen and choosing the Forest.


The first free level in the forest isn’t the one that the giant arrow points to. Look for the red level just to the right of it.

There is something funky going on here, which makes it look like you can’t continue without paying real money.

The sword you come out of the dungeon with by default (simple sword) does not appear to be good enough for the defense of plainswood mission. first time I hit this mission i think it un-equipped the sword, and the sword went into the restricted list. the remaining higher DPS swords I don’t have enough gems to buy.
I did manage to somehow get into the mission with the simple sword, and I couldn’t keep the peasant alive, My assumption is that the simple sword doesn’t do enough DPS to kill the ogres fast enough to get back to victor after killing the ogre.

Defense of Plainswood mission requires a build hammer, not a sword. That’s why ALL swords are restricted. Are you sure that you’re talking about the right level?

BTW, if you somehow managed to get or use a sword in that level, I would call that a bug.

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My bad, it was peasant protection. Not sure why it started me there, I’ll have to have a closer look next time I’m on a computer instead of trying to load it on my phone.

Ive only played to level 5 and i cant play either bruh moment…

Yes, my son got to Level 5/44 on Kithgard Dungeon, so just starting out, and we can’t play it without a subsccription. We live in the U.S. Wondering if it is still free or if I’m doing something wrong, or we just have to pay up.

yay they made it cost money last year because they could not afford to keep it free

Welcome to the forum! This is a family-friendly place where coders can share bugs, ask for help on any CodeCombat level (don’t forget to post your code correctly), or just hang out with other coders.
Have a great time! :partying_face:

If you have an account for an individual, you have to pay for more levels, but if you can get your son in a student account with a teacher, you can have more levels for free.

If you want you can make your own teacher account and give your son more free levels, you can sign yourself up as a teacher, give your son the class code- and bam! your have A LOT of free levels.

Use this link to find out more:

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