Am I gaining exp and gems?

I’m just starting codecombat. When I finish tasks there’s a victory window which says I am getting exp and gems for things like completing it and clean code. But at the bottom of that window it says, “Experience Gained +0, Gems Gained, +0”.

So how do I actually get this exp and these gems?

Did you already beat that level? You don’t gain new xp and gems when you beat levels you’ve already done. Otherwise, if it’s still not giving you gems on new levels, I wonder what’s going on–does it still show you as level 1 on the world map in the lower left with no gems?

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Hmmm… the number of gems didn’t seem to be going up. But when I logged back in, I had a load more gems.

Anyway, it seems to be working now.

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This happens to me too. I’ve tried using both Safari and Chrome. The first time I get the code right for a level it gives me the victory dialog, but all the gems and xp (and any goodies I’ve earned) are greyed out and aren’t added to my total :frowning:

I am moved on to the next level, but the level I’ve just completed says “started” not “completed”. My gem tally also doesn’t change.

Thanks for the tip about logging out and back in again. If I log in again and then redo the level then my code will be accepted and I’ll get my goodies (even though it was the same code I’d previously entered).

Does any one have any ideas why this might be happening? I’d really like to use codecombat with my classes in a couple of weeks, but there’s no way they are patient enough to persist through a bug this major.

I also have the same problem, I just started and got to the 5th level but it asks me to buy a leather belt, but I don’t have any gems. It just so happens that in the 3 first levels I didn’t get any XP or gems in order to buy anything.
The problem is the same as above, I get the victory message but the areas with prices stay gray, as if I didn’t meet the requirements… and relogging didn’t help.

I have finished the first four levels and I am showing a status of 0exp and 0gems too.

Hi all, this appears to be due to a production push last night that was intended to improve the reliability of the level completion system but has done the opposite. We’re in the process of resolving it right now!

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I think we have the fix, but in order to get the experience, gems, and items from the levels you beat between last night and this morning, you’ll have to go back to each level and click “Done” again so that it can correctly record your victory. Sorry about that!

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same problem today for me. when i go back to map i see + in amount of gems… but cant say about exp. theres no numbers anywhere. even in my profile page. just my level. no progress bar no nothing. soyou should make some kind of exp chart with exact numbers please. let it be as same as gems visible on the map.
thank you.