Gem Purchases will be turned off in the near future

Hello CodeCombat Discoursers,

We will be disabling the ability to purchase gems in the near future.

We do not have a date set for this yet, but it could be as soon as this week.

If, after this is done, you really need gems for some reason (and don’t want to wait to earn them), you can contact me and I’ll help you purchase them manually, but the built-in tool for purchasing gems will be disabled.



is this a permanent thing or will this feature be available again in the future?

Thats fine i am already set. I have more than 71300 :wink:

Nothing is truly permanent, but at this time, we do not plan to turn them back on.

Note that our admins can always cheat and you can contact and request help for purchasing them manually (meaning we would invoice you and manually assign the gems to you), so even after we disable the feature from the site, you can still do it.


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The reason is much simpler – they currently cost more in time and resources than they earn for us.

Oh, OK, cool that’s make sense. :grin: