How do I buy gems if i'm a subscriber

I am an annual subcriber, but I want to get more gems quickly as for support and just to give myself better stuff at the begining. (Before you tell, I already know of the simulation thing. It’s to the point i’m barely getting anything.) I currently have no idea how to bring up the gem purchase screen. All I ask is if it is possible to do that, and if so, how I can do that.

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I think (if i am not wrong) that this is an old feature that has been removed, that’s what one of the users said

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Yes, it used to be a feature but they removed it

Well, maybe if you try connecting, you may have a deal, I’m not sure though.


I doubt it, the point of the game is to learn, not pay and easily pass the levels


How will you easily pass the levels? You can learn with or without special heroes.

Yes, but if you have like 10 billion gems (you obviously won’t, but you know what I mean) or whatever, then you can just buy the best equipment and most things will be a walk in the park

I mean I got like 43000 gems after buying subscription and I got the best equipment for my warrior and so passed everything until glacier

I can’t even access that website. What where you trying to send me to? Because the site’s IP could not be found according to the warning i got.

It’s an email address

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I got the price of gems and other info, but I need help knowing how to correctly contact support, I used the email address directly, not knowing there was already a contact thing on the website already. I forgot to check my emails and I think they might have closed my problem. Should I try to contact again through the site? I’m really not good with email or contacting support.

This link should open an email where you just have to fill in a message and title:
if the above doesn’t work, use this