My account got messed with

Hi, I was wondering if there is a way to reset/undo purchases? I recently was showing CodeCombat off to a friend, and they asked to try it out. I let them try it for a few minutes while I went and did a chore. A few minutes later, I came back and turned it off and we played another game. I thought all was well and that I had done something nice for my friend by letting him try it out and that he would enjoy the game later. I later went back on to my account earlier today and noticed that I only have about 3000 gems, but I had over 20000 before and that my friend had purchased many of the expensive, top-tier items, that I did not even need or plan to use. I would appreciate any help anyone can give on this matter and whether I could get the gems back or sell back the items he bought. My in-game username is John_Hurtgen. Thanks for your time.

Well, at least welcome back Bob/John! :grin:

Try emailing Back in your day, you might have been able to give a shout to Nick, but he’s pretty much out of pocket on the forum now days.


Unfortunately we cannot refund your gems or roll-back your progress unless those gems were purchased with IRL money or gained from a subscription. Please refrain from sharing your account as your account is your own responsibility.

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