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Gems # glitched out

I was playing the forest campaign, and a few months ago, my gems magically increased from about 1500 to more than 5000 gems. I assumed this was an update reward or a login prize and so i spent about 4000 of the gems on Omarn Brewstone and a engraved obsidian breastplate. However, when i logged on next, i discovered that i had -4700 gems. This was not a problem until I got to the Keeping Time and Hoarding Gold levels on the desert campaign. Even after playing through many levels, I cannot advance due to not having enough gems to buy the required items(-4100). Can you help me on this?

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Use the search function. I entered Gem and the first one is exactly like the problem you described.

In short: Contact Nick via a PM.

Here is the link to it:

I got you all reset now, sorry about that!