Help! I have -3655 GEMS now! I can't continue the game until I get 100 GEMS to buy a glass!What should I do?

A few days ago , I found that the number of my Gums increased,so I used it to buy something .

and one day, it changed to -3700+ GEMS.

ok,I can accept.

But today,I can’t continue the game because i must buy a glass.

I want to cry. What should I do?

Wait 'till tomorrow when @nick can check into it and fix it. That was a known thing and he tried to auto fix it and it worked for lots of people but for some still need manual attention. (I think he “fixes” it by unbuying all your stuff so you have the correct number of gems, then you can go buy what you want without the oops purchase.)

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Thanks.谢谢。ありがとうございます。多謝。 :blush:

Alternatively, @nick may want to consider dropping the price down to 3600 or 3500 gems, instead of 3700 :slight_smile: It saves him time (not having to manually adjust things), and saves other people time (they don’t have to go to the forum).

No, the problem is that he has NEGATIVE gems.

Sorry about that–try now, @HJH399–I’ve reset your gem purchases.

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Thank you. :blush: :yum:

I guess you either report it or get someone would help you IF they know the solution to it.

Sorry, I don’t understand exactly what you’re trying to say, though it’s late here and I’m a bit tired (which might be the reason why).

If you have any problems regarding your Gems, please exactly tell us so. If you think your problem is not directly related to this, please open a new topic.

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I’m having the same issue :frowning:

Well, hopefully these comments will save you from these problems! So a :frowning: turns into a :slight_smile:

Yeah sure! I might create a new topic!! Thanks for the idea!!

@osanseviero I’ve reset your purchases, now, too.

Can you reset my purchases?
I’m actually Michael227, in case you can’t find me

Okay, I have. (I really need to make Mad Maxer balance better…)

may I suggest turning the fang-riders into two shamens

Can you reset my purchases because i didn’t buy most of my items and i am trying to save up but it keeps buying stuff PS: my account name is John_Hurtgen.

That sounds weird; are you sure there isn’t someone else also playing on your account?

my friend might be. Thanks for resetting it!!:grinning: :grinning:

Can you un-buy my worn dragon shield and caltrops belt? I would like to get the Deflector for Clash of Clones.