Bug with Achievements and Gems

I do play as “Hatsker” for a couple of weeks.
Achievements wasn’t works (I get only 1 for play first level).
And yesterday I get all of my Achievements and receive 6k gems at once!
So, I bought sweet armor and helmet =))

But today my Achievements was cut and now I have -3500 gems
guys, programmers, please fix it. It’s not my fault that you struggle with Achievements and so.
or give me back gems
or take away my new armor and give me instead my gems.

because now I’ll stuck on any level required to buy some equipment.

@nick ’ s help needed

exacly the same Problem here.
I played through the game on Friday and was wondering why i didn’t get any archivements at all.
Then on saturday i logged in and got all archivements at once (plus about 5000 gems). I bought some armor and played the last available levels. Today i logged in and now i have -3686 gems. Yep, that’s how poor I am now. :smile:

…ck its really has me too :slight_smile:

Please give me the patch or get back all this items what i buy. This is not the learn RPG with OOP model. No-no this is the “black” economics and antydemocracy - any hero cant live with this… with this… TAX! Any doesn’t work with this rules and can’t live in world of that rules! Look on American people after his Finance Crisis… I talking to you, remember, its a dangerous time and so critical situation. I cant found the UnityNationOrganisation in desert map, when I play now, but i think its not so democracy! Take all our money now !!! Americans for less started the war. Yes yes !!! :smile:

Give us at least where the level which aims to write a patch for this bug! Oh, please, I beg you! I only began to hope that, at last, be able to examine the programming!


Same thing happened to me. My gems went up by a few thousand 3 or 4 days ago and then went down by a few thousand 2 or 3 days ago. I’m at negative 700 or something like that now.

@nick or anyone

Can someone at least explain what’s going on here? Seems to be several of us with negative gem counts currently who had their gem count jump up and then down by a significant amount in the last few days.

In my case I bought a couple of heroes after my gem count rose so possibly the negative amount is correct for me, which is totally fine but it would be nice to know what happened and whether these current gem counts (that are negative) are actually correct. I also had at least a couple of cases in the past (repeatable levels) where I didn’t get credit so not sure if this was a correction related to that?

I wish I had bought stuff while the number was up. :frowning: (I had almost 8000 gems at one point)

I don’t know for sure but I would guess that the achievement for simulating levels was firing (and paying) multiple times and “they” tried to sneakily fix it by quietly removing the overpayment . . . but some of us noticed.

At least that is where I had assumed the gems were coming from for me. (I saw the “achievement” message a lot of times around when I noticed the nice gem count.)

Hmm. You might be on to something Vlevo. I was running simulations all day the other day while I did other stuff.

No. more than likely it was due to the achievement complete 500 levels which was firing by mistake for people who did not actually earn it and the reward was removed in those cases.

If simulated battles were counted that would make sense, as I think I was up to around 10,000 simulated battles.

Which ever one it was it was firing many many times, since they are both worth 100 gems (I have both).
(I never saw the announcement for 500 levels, but I did see many copies of the Ladder games announcement).

(haha, seems all the achievements are worth 100 gems)

Bug still there.

  1. I did not finished 500 levels but I have that achievement
  2. I already translate a few articles and have First Article Translation and Accepted a Patch but it’s not revealed at my achiev. list

Hey guys, sorry about the negative gems. I was adding some achievements on Friday that would fire if you ever beat 100 and 500 separate levels, but there was a bug, so they fired for many users (even though there aren’t even 500 levels yet) and gave many players 5000 extra gems. I then recalculated those achievements to remove the extra gems. So if you happened to spend a bunch of those extra gems in between Friday’s adding of the gems and Saturday’s recalculation, you’ll be negative now.

I will be running a script to reset the purchases of any user with negative gems soon, so that you will have the proper amount of earned gems again, and can decide from scratch which items and heroes to buy.

If you didn’t actually buy anything in that time frame and still have negative gems, then it may be some further bug. I’ve been busy rearchitecting the level completion counting code and the gem awarding logic and am running some more data processing to fix up everyone’s data to get the proper gem and exp amounts. That should finish overnight or tomorrow morning.

Thanks for y’all’s patience.

My interface suddenly showed all the achievements I’ve done this week scrolling past, and then my gem balance became -3196.

I closed the browser tabs and then came back to the game again but the inventory count is still in the negatives. Unsure of what caused it or if there is a way to replicate the bug.

Will it count any gems earned back since then? Just curious. I think I only picked up about 1000 gems since, so it wouldn’t be a huge loss if they disappeared into the ether.

It won’t forget any gems you should have earned; we are recalculating them from the source data of levels you’ve beaten and other stats you’ve accumulated. By the way, it is taking longer than hoped to run the scripts, so they are still going.

they are still going ???

please look at the timestamp in the top right corner of each post. Nicks they are still going is already 5 days old.

so why then I have negative balance of Gems? minus 2700

Because something went wrong, and he had to recover the accounts from a backup