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Getting betrayed by the cougar pet


You see my cougar is attacking me even though it doesn’t have an attack ability.

Look below on the kitty cougar place.

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How come your hero say Muhahaha. Get Wrecked with out any code?


I think it’s not your cougar but the enemy’s one. Looks like we got a bug in multiplayer.


Just telling you, but it’s not only in multiplayer. For me, when I use a wolf pet or cougar at any time, it starts attacking me when I stop moving. So in some levels I die because of that.


Does it attack your hero? O_O Could you say some levels where it’s happening and your codecombat username? I’ll try to investigate this problem.


Huh, It’s weird. I’d like to show you, but I guess it’s not anymore (ALSO PLEASE DON’T THINK THAT I WAS LYING THE WHOLE TIME. BELIEVE ME, IT DID ATTACK ME). But I could tell my username. It is shadow-assasinator (for any other people reading this please don’t laugh).


What kind of levels did it happen? Usual levels, ladders, PvP? Is it still happening on the PvP levels?

Don’t worry, maybe you were playing while some changes were tested. Or it’s a “flown” bug.


That’s weird! I guess you really can’t tame wild animals :wink:


It is my cougar. I am the Ritic dude


Quick question, but why did you say “MUHAHAHA. GET WRECKED”?


Just for testing my code.



lol smurfs is amazing :slight_smile: