Giant Gate Thread

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What is the type of this headhunter, I couldn’t find its type in the “Hints” document.
Also, type “giant” gives me an error when I try to summon it. It tells me it is a wrong summoning unit.

Nevermind, I found the type “headhunter”
But the “giant” type bug is still there

Oh, ‘giant’ is just for displaying the stats of the giants, you aren’t supposed to summon them. In the level editor, you can’t summon them. I checked.

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Giants can’t be summoned; they’d be too OP anyway.

We are thinking about ‘headhunters’ while :slight_smile:
you can summon them but I don’t add them into the documentation as we can remove them. So use them for own risk as for now.

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I have a bug: I can see my battle log and there’s a lot of loses. But the weird thing is that every time I go in to check, it says I won and I actually win in the end. I check around 10 of my loses and ALL of them showed up winning. ???

Plus, I don’t think it’s about random seeds and stuff. ALL of them are wins for me

can u please add find by type?? thx

It should be removed now.

ok thank you20charsssss

I am having the same issue, it is quite annoying

???1I got 76 stupid fake losses what the flip>@/?1?2?1?1?2?!/@??3?@!W!?3?@%6?


Check your code, maybe there is an error or bug.

nope no error and every single loss i fite them and i win

I can confirm this problem @riticmaster908. Most of my “losses” are actually wins. I’ve seen this problem before, but I’m not sure what the fix is…

The losses / wins difference you are seeing I think is because there is currently an issue with Fireball, where the Blue player’s Fireballs do not damage Red units.

See the same match-up, with the colors switched:
Deadpool198 vs Bryukh

Bryukh vs Deadpool198

@Bryukh mind taking a look?

@Bryukh said that you dont need to worry bc like he said that

He means you don’t need to specify different coordinates for Red/Blue, as Red coordinates are automatically changed to Blue ones. It’s unrelated to the wins recording as losses.

this name should be removed i think or change the name ?sdfghjkl