Giants Gates Bug Reports

Put any bug reports about the last Arena “Giants Gates” here.
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the fireball glitch is still here can you fix that?

Just checked it and my units die. Which bug you are talking about?

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I tried that to the enemy basse as red and it did no dmg

Please, next time explain what’s bug you mean. Sorry, all our telepaths are on vacation (c) :wink:

This is not a bug. Spells don’t damage giants and bases (bases should be a giant too :thinking: )

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oh sorry because a few days ago fireballs delt dmg to anything but giants

Yeah, that was a bug exactly which fixed with the “blue team fireball” bug together.


For some reason the enemy base is talking

That’s my code’s issue. It tries to summon at (30.001, 29.999) but it’s not considered a summonable position. So when that happens the base says that, and nothing is summoned.

It’s quite a bad bug, a decent programmer would fix it.

Is it roundoff error?

unit.attackRange does not seem to work for certain enemy units (specifically shaman)

Yes, it’s probably got to do with the inaccuracy with floating point values, which is what leads to 30.001 becoming 30.00100000000000005, which then fails the check for whether it’s within the rectangle considered to be summonable space. I might try to see if 30.01 works.

@Bryukh, it might make sense to modify the checking algorithm slightly to ensure that the supposed boundary values - like in this case (30, 30) - are included in the allowed areas, to make things easier for players. It’s more like a fiddly detail than strategy if people need to add tiny offset amounts like my code does to get their units close to the border of the allowed areas. But it can also be argued that it’s something that benefits players who pay additional attention to detail.

Using python, the methods unit.maxSpeed, unit.attackDamage, unit.attackCooldown, unit.attackRange are not working for types ‘shaman’ and ‘brawler’ in Giants Gate. The methods work properly for types ‘thrower’, ‘ogre’, ‘munchkin’, ‘warlock’, and ‘giant’, but raise a TypeError when called for a ‘shaman’ or ‘brawler’ unit.

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Fixed. Thank you. 20chars

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Thanks. I’ve added a monkey patch for that case to include borders of rectangles.

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please fix this.
what it says:image
what it is:

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The reason is the middle point – units can behave differently when they have two equal targets and sometimes move up sometimes bottom. I think I can make it more predictable

also sorry if I made your schedule packed with these bugs

when I just add a few coments with my code doing NOTHING to my code lowers my score by 3 ranks (is this intentinal)