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Giant Gate Thread

That’s right.

The issue @riticmaster908 and @Deadpool198 are experiencing is not actually wins being mis-recorded.
It is because when they try their code against the opponents for the “Loss” entries, they are always playing as Red.

Right now there is a bug in Giant’s Gate, where Blue’s fireballs do no damage to Red’s units.

So if your code uses Fireballs, if you are simulated as Blue you will probably lose. Those are the Losses that are showing up I believe.

Does casting spells affect the base, if i casted heal on my base would it work? Or if I cast lightning on the enemy’s base, does it give it damage?

nope at all doesnt effect giant also (only fireball ddamage the tower not the giant)

Thanks! Fixed the issue. Was a problem with teams.

Removed inappropriate username

I mean i cant its in the GG tournament

Did you change your code after you submitted it?

By the way, I can’t play Giants Gate. can you send me the link please?

the bug is still there :frowning: I have a god strat but the fireball glitch is making it a :poop: strat

Clash royale is looking very strange

it looks like clash royale btw lol

Same here. Pretty annoying when I don’t know why or how I lost
Also if an enemy is using shaman, it seems that calling unit.attackRange results in a type error.

Do you use “spectate” mode to view the matches with you as Blue?
It’s not very discoverable, you have to click the eyeball column for two players and then click the “Spectate” button.

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I’ve reported this as well. It’s being investigated by Bryukh. It has to due with your code working one way as the red hero (which you always are when you initiate a battle to investigate a loss) and your code acting differently when you are the blue hero (which only happens in ranked games). You can recreate the error to see what is going on by spectating your ranked code and the opponent you lost against, making sure to select the opponent first (which makes them red) and you second (which makes you blue).

Yes, whichever player you select first becomes the red opponent, and the second selection becomes the blue opponent. This is the only way I know to observe how my code works as the blue hero.

Hello, I just noticed from yesterday to today that there seems to be a new bug in the Path finder AI for the units.
Please, see the video at CodeCombat - Giants Gate - Path finder bug



Some unusual pathing was occuring as changes were being implemented to correct a unit targeting bug. These strange unit paths look to be fixed on the main codecombat site, and should be corrected once the changes are extended to the all the other codecombat sites.

RE: Red/Blue bug

Okay, yet another update on the Red/Blue bug. The original bug has been fixed.

However, some people are trying to ‘mirror’ coordinates themselves based on hero.color. Since the game automatically mirrors the coordinates, a player writing code to mirror coordinates causes them to be mirrored twice. This obviously results in their AI performing poorly when blue :slightly_frowning_face:

As of now, the game seems to be mirroring coordinates correctly, so no one should be trying to mirror coordinates themselves based on hero.color.

Some small differences in outcome might still occur due to differences in start order based on hero color, but recent tweaks to the game have reduced even this effect.

Apparently, there’s a bug when playing on the blue side.
As you can see in the picture, although the C Giant is now dead, I can never spawn there even though I can when playing on the red team (spawning to { 70, 50 })