Giants Gates Suggestions

Hi. Put all your ideas and suggestions for Giants Gate arena. Of course, they should not seriously change the game API or mechanics, however, we are open to small changes.

can we add like a command or findByType?

Can add findByType yes.
As for command – no, as this is a key feature of the arena that you can’t control units directly.

oh ok sorry :slight_smile:

i think spell spawn shouldd be faster like 1 sec or unit spawn

or even fire ball be more accurate or faster

So what’s the point to summon units if you can kill any enemy unit with spells and just wait until sudden death? It was so first and the best strategy was as I described.

More powerful weapon harder to use.

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can we add a new summonable unit?
if so here:
cost same as brawler :
heals a random unit for 200 HP


I feel like this is a ballanced unit but if you have complaints I will not be offended

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oh ok then charsssssss

could you add findByType please? thank you :slight_smile:

var findByType = (t) => hero.findEnemies().filter(en => en.type == t)

findByType = lambda t: [en for en in hero.findEnemies() if en.type == t]


? what is this for is this findByType in a complicated way?

I think it should be this:

hero.findEnemiesByType = (t) => hero.findEnemies().filter(e => e.type == t);
hero.findEnemiesByType = lambda t: [e for e in hero.findEnemies() if e.type == t]

(BTW, you forgot the semicolon in the first one :wink:)

Thank you teacher :wink:

O_o ???

Ctrl-Z ?

I didn’t get what you need honestly

just came up with a suggestion that shaman can deal area damagee?

This is just the findByType function that is used, it’s not like CoCo just did

function findByType (t) {
    var units = [];
    for (let unit of hero.findEnemies().concat(hero.findFriends())) if (unit.type == t) units.push(unit);
    return units;


def findByType (t):
    units = []
    for unit in hero.findEnemies().concat(hero.findFriends()):
        if unit.type == t: units.push(unit)
    return units

they are too good at coding for that :wink: (Not calling anyone bad, just saying)
Btw, just a question, @Bryukh is Array.concat() the same in Python? I’m not sure…

const builder = {
    timeToSummon: 2,
    affectedBySpells: true,
    health: 5,
    speed: 10,
    damage: 0,
    attacks: false,
    abilities: {
        buildXY: (type, x, y) => {
            while (builder.distanceTo(Vector(x, y)) > 3) builder.move(Vector(x, y));
            game.spawnXY(type, x, y);
const commander = {
    canBeCommanded: true,
    health: 250,
    abilites: {
        commandUnit: (unit, method, e1, e2, e3) => {
        regen: (unit) => {
            commander.cast("regen", unit);
    timeToSummon: 5,
    damage: 0,
    affectedBySpells: false,
    speed: 0,
    attacks: false

can you make fireballs hone or make them more acurate?