Giants Gates Bug Reports

Other players change their code too, you submitted your code and rerun simulation queue that changed your status.


When playing on the blue side, as you can see in the picture, although the C’s Giant is now dead, I can never summon there (summoning to { 70, 50 } that get’s automatically converted to { 30, 50 })

This only happens when playing as the Blue team because when I’m playing as the red team then I can summon normally in { 70, 50 } when the F’s Giant dies.

PS: I posted this in Giant Gate Thread - #45 by illumy but maybe here is more appropriate.

Hi, could you give me a link or a username of this game so I can research it better?

One more question – does’t it happen only with the corner or with the whole tiles? Maybe it’s a bug with a corner case :thinking:

Oh, sorry, Found it! The stupidest bug. My bad. Fixed. Why has nobody noticed it?!

Sorry, I only saw your messages now and it seems you already know what the issue was :+1:
Nobody noticed it most probably because we only play being the Red team and to spectate a game with us being the blue team is honestly not very intuitive (I only understood how to do it when seeing step-by-step instructions here in the forum).

Anyway, thank you so much for the bug fix and if you want, you can also see in this game that it’s fixed now: CodeCombat - Coding games to learn Python and JavaScript at 02:05.3 for instance.

Yes, we are currently working on a feature to easily test your code as a blue team. Theoretically it should be the same, however bugs or path finding choice can affect the results.

Hello there, i don’t know if this belongs here since it isn’t really the bug in the game itself, its in the leaderboard
So i go by the name “Venneth” on the leaderboard, however it shows my first and last name on the codecombat profile, “Valent Nathanael”, if that is intentional or not i dont know, previously it shows as “Venneth” however it got changed
so as you can see there are two names highlighted, which means they belong to my profile, im pretty sure this isn’t supposed to be happening. “I” currently, can only edit the code of the “me” at rank 28(in this screenshot). When i challenged the “me” at rank 1, the “me” at rank 1 doesnt do anything.

A few notable events before this happened, i logged in to the site, for the first time i think since the update where you can play on both sides, and when i entered it, the first match i tried my code’s still there, however when i play on the blue side, my code went empty, and the tutorial is played, pretty sure that means the system thinks im a completely different instance at that moment, don’t know why.

It’d be really appreciated if someone can shed light on this, and fix the “bug” if it happens to be one.
Edit: when i challenged the “me” at rank 1 as the ogres(blue), the code for the “me” at rank 1 runs normally

Welcome to the forum @Venneth! :partying_face: This is a friendly place where you can ask help on levels, report bugs, or just chat with other coders! Don’t forget to read the guidelines if you haven’t yet. Have a great time!

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Hmmm. Interesting. Looks like a bug. Thank you. Will discuss with our engineer team.

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Both entries are your account and the same code I think, however in spectate mode it just crash browser for m (maybe because admin extended view). It’s definitely a bug in the ladder.

Oh allright, thank you for the response, i assume the admins can just delete the instance where i cannot touch the score (the rank 1 one), wondered if this has happened to anyone else other than me, the only thing i can suspect is happening is somehow the system recorded me as a “new” player when i entered the code editor, so it records a new instance, don’t know how can that happen when i already have code in the database, probably because i havent log on since the “ogre and human” side codes, dont really know also though, since from what i see it takes your exact “human” code and mirrors its execution, something like this shouldn’t really happen anymore if there weren’t any big changes i think so its fine.

whenever you change your code and run it even if you win your score skyrockets down and slowly climbs back up. is this intentional?