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Giving Heroes twice


I have a question. I bought Nalfar and once i got to prescition kicking, it gave me nalfar again so, technically i just wasted gems. Maybe you could not let people buy heroes before they finish the unlock level


You cannot unlock a character twice. Sure you beat the level, but you didn’t obtain the character itself, only access to purchase it through the shop. As for your idea, that was what originally how CodeCombat operated. The devs decided to make an update so now you can get all the heroes before the certain levels you need to beat to unlock them.


So whats the point of unlock levels?


I guess there’s none now :frowning:


It used to be that you’d have to beat a certain level to unlock a hero, then you would still have to buy the hero with gems.

Now, we’ve changed it so that subscribers can purchase advanced heroes without having to unlock them first :gem: :bow_and_arrow: :fireworks: .