Kelvintaph glacier hitman level need more money?

Hi, I can’t do the hitman level because I don’t have enough gems to buy Ritic the Cold. I almost did, but I had to spend them on a different hero to beat a different level. Maybe levels that require heroes could temporarily give those heroes for free? Just to beat them?

no that would ruin the purpouse for the level sadly

The purpose of the level is to buy ritic??

Yeah, so people would need to pay and get ritic, so codecombat gets money.

You can’t purchase gems anymore, so what’s the point? I already have lifetime subscription, so I have no other way of getting gems with money.

u get 43k gems with lifetime (reset and u get the gems as well)

Are you saying that if I reset the game then I automatically get 43,000 more gems?

But that might lose all your progress and equipment I guess (not sure tho)

Here are your options of going about this:

  1. How many gems do you have? I would play replayable levels (e.g. brawls, collection levels, etc) to earn more if you already have 29000+ :gem: so that you have enough gems after buying Ritic (say, 5000-10000 gems).
  2. You could contact a @staff member or email and they will add enough gems to your account.
  3. Completely reset all progress and buy Ritic and some other hero like Illia (not Usara) straight away plus all their required items because you will now have 50000 - 60000+ :gem: when you reset. You do the maths, promise, you will have some 10000+ :gem: if you don’t buy the Shiver on top of that.

If you want to progress on with CodeCombat, go with the first or second. However, if you really want loads of gems to hopefully get you through to the Volcano (Oh, now I wish I’d thought of this :frowning_face:) go with the third option. I think it’s a brilliant sacrifice if you want to get through to the when the Volcano is released and don’t want to have to restart, plough your way through and get to the Volcano again.

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You could also try using Naria with her hide ability. (Just access the level with the direct link.)

you forgot the “.com”

it wont work codecombat made that level so only ritic can compleate it because of firetraps and throwers

when I reset will I still have all my items and get ~50,000 gems?

no deleates all your items,progress and earned gems (u get 43000 gems tho :slight_smile: )

so it deletes all your items, heroes, progress, gems, but you start with 43,000 gems? just want to clarify

My bad. :grin:

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yes i have ritic rn and the gem bonus is the reason

I’m not subcriber, is there any other way to get ritic?

nope (unless u hack):smirk:

Well, I don’t want to hack. Even though I can change the CSS in codecombat(Does that count as hack?).