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Gloves Need Options


I just realized that there are currently 2 pairs of gloves available:
Worker’s Gloves = 5 hp
Emperor’s Gloves = Chain Lightning

I’d love to see some new glove options:

Gloves of Precision = Add a % chance of a critical hit.

Gloves of Reach = Add an increase to attack range. Could be a % of current range or a set number. Leaning toward a % as adding 2 to attack range for melee is a big deal, but for ranged, wouldn’t really matter much.

Gloves of Dexterity = Reduce all cooldowns by x%

Any thoughts on these, or other ideas?


Maybe Gloves of wild magic? Random spell, random cooldown?


Haha, and ever so often there is a change of a spell that will damage the user.


items must diversify gameplay
so slot and forget not the case

something like:

Gloves of Precision = 100% crit ( x200) for 3 sec 25 sec CD

Gloves of Reach = 150 % attack range for 5 sec 25 sec CD

Gloves of Dexterity = reduce CD for all skills by 30% 25 sec CD


I like these improvements to my ideas, you are right, active abilities are better than passive ones for programming gameplay!