Going to vacation. I might not be able to go on the forum for the week (i could log on in the hotel)

srsly(20 planes in the twighlight zones)

Oops i broke that rule. I actually might be able to log on when i am at the hotel. Though it ight not be often

@Enderlord832’s log:
Day 1:
Today i went to MT. Rainier national park. It was the most beutifull national park other than Yellowstone. The cool thing is that i became a Junior Ranger of the park. It is super bueatifull. I wish i could have camped there.

I was once out of the forum for 10 days, and I still kept the badge.

congratulations on what you did not so long ago.

Ten days won’t really affect your regular status

Ummm… no remarks on the national park and my log?

I don’t know why it is not loading. I am at number 10 :sob:

Wow! that seems like an exiting vacation!

Day 2:
@Enderlord832’s log:
Thanks @Not_a_User! Today i went to Mt. St Helens whick was actually a volcano that erupted in 1982. I also became a junior ranger there too. it was pretty bare cuz of the volcano eruption but it is so facinating how much it recovered! There are even new hybred species!

Nice @Archion, it seems like you’re enjoying nature! It’s true that sometimes, you have to take a break from technology and appreciate the nature. Whether going on a hike, mountain climbing, interacting with animals, it takes a vital role in our lives.

Yea i totaly agree with you. I love unplugging!