Gone for about 3 weeks

Hi CoCo peoples. I have come to love CodeCombat, which is good and bad, because I need to do other things. Particularly, I need to finish the end of my school year well. Congrats to the CoCo makers, your website is so good it is distracting me from School! :). So, I will probably be gone for awhile (not like you would miss me or anything :no_mouth: :smiley:)

If you see me on the forum before 3 weeks are up, please do me a favor by telling me to get my butt off the discourse! Go work on school!



We will miss you!


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Yah we will. You have been pretty active.


By joshy! You’re a good new member and we look forward to seeing you again!

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Wilco. We look forward to seeing you again :slight_smile:

bye! come back soon.

Bye Josh! Hope you we see you again and come back sometime!